Roly's Resume Page

First Created: 2/Sept/96

Last Updated: 2/Sept/96

Page Owner: Roland Jones

My Resume is distinctly out of date at the moment, but still has relevant information in it. It is currently not avaliable in .html format, but will be one day (about the same time it next gets updated, i.e. about the time I start actively looking for a new job).

Post script (.ps) MS Word (.doc) and Acrobat (.pdf) versions are available. You will need to download Adobe Acrobat to view the .pdf document. This can be done free from Adobe's web site. Once you have downloaded the file you will have to set up a helper to point to the downloaded executable. Try and access the .pdf file below and give the location of the Acrobat .exe file you just downloaded when the browser asks what to do.