Roly and Mary's New House

On July 27th 1997 Roly and Mary moved into their first US purchased house together. Here are some pictures of the old house, the move, and the new house.

Old HouseOld House

Here are a couple of pictures of the old house that we left behind (sniff sniff). We rented the downstairs (you can just see a very cool deck on the right of the pictures behind the tree). Our landlord lived upstairs where he also taught yoga (I still go back for yoga classes).

Living RoomBathroomKitchen

Three pictures of the interior of our old house. This is part way through the move so some of them are a little messy (particularly the living room shot). We had the most wonderful built in claw foot bathtub which is being modeled by the lovely Mary (she spent aprox 27 hours per week in the bath, though not usually with her cloths on). Roly can be seen in his usual position in the kitchen. He did most of the washing up, as can be judged by the position of the scrubbing brush.

Mary and SophieMary and Sophie

Here we are privileged to see Sophie (full name Sophie Knuckle-head Kitten) and Mary communing a few days before we were due to move out. Sophie had been freaking out for about a week before this as we gradually packed up all the things in her house in preparation for the move (I keep on mistakenly calling it our house, it is not our house, it is Sophie's house. She just lets us stay with her).

Helpers moving us outFull TruckHelpers moving us in

The intrepid team of moving buddies seen after moving us out of the old house, and after moving us into the new one. Four stalwart fellows who gave up a significant portion of their Sunday to lighten our move, in exchange for beer and Pizza. Note the full truck in the middle, proving the theory that no matter how large a truck you get, your stuff will always completely fill it. Also note that the move was so traumatic for one of the moving buddies that he had to have major plastic surgery by the time we had moved all of the stuff into the new house. I think the improvements are obvious.


The final scene of the move. The happy couple, one carrying the other, going over the threshold. Yes you have guessed it, the picture in the middle was actually the last of the three to be taken.

That is all I have for the moment. Once we are more fully moved in I will be posting pictures of the house and garden. It will be worth the wait (it was for us).