Roly's Home Page

First created on 1/June/96

Last Updated on 17/Dec/97

Page Owner: Roland Jones

About this page:

Yes the graphics are not very impressive. I do not have an HTML editor so all that you see was created by directly editing the HTML code. Also my coding is 100% self taught and I have not got around to learning the fancy stuff. That's my excuse. If you think it is a poor one send me an email and it may inspire me to brighten this page up, or buy a book that will tell me how.

Current Contents;

  1. Information about the Toastmasters organization.
  2. Roly's resume.
  3. Iyangar Yoga Association of Southern California web page.
  4. A look at moving into Roly and Mary's new house (purchased on 28th July 1997, Mary moved out 4th Jan 1999, sniff sniff).
  5. A virtual walthrough of Roly's house (not complete, but as complete as it is going to get right now).

Some very cool web sites;

  1. John & Brenda's Excelent Adventure. A truly wonderful use of internet technology. A live account (well it was live while it was happening) of the West Coast wanderings of two of my very good friends (John and Brenda in case you had not guessed).
  2. Hubble Space Telescope home page. A really thought provoking site. Especially Deep Field Project.
  3. Nine Planets. Another very good astronomical site that should keep you entertained for a few days (it did for me).
  4. Sky Online. Home Page of Sky Publishing who publish Sky and Telescope magazine. Has a very good weekly news bulletin on things astronomical.
  5. Jan Diffenderfer's home page. Put together by my friend Diff. His part is not so good, but his daughters section Silvia's spot is wonderful (if you are into cats).
  6. Britanica Online. A wonderful though quite expensive resource. Try is out for free before you buy it, but make sure you have lots of free time before you try it out. Right now they have a wonderful free site on Shakespear.
  7. The Dilbert Zone. If you have not looked at this site already you are probably still using words like 'Information super-highway'. Don't worry, your embarrassing secret is safe with me.
  8. A very impressive demonstration of VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language, I think) hosted by Floops. May take a little time to download if you have a slow-ish connection.
  9. My own favorite right now, the Jelly Belly home page.
  10. Black Bart's South Park page. Mr Bart (my mate Shannon) has much too much time on his hands. This is easily the best web page created by any of my friends. South Park is also a very cool show. If you are not watching it you are missing out.